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Grate for Morso Ignis

There is a bit of the scout in everybody ... it's just so cozy to sit around the fire and cook food! The atmosphere quickly becomes an experience, and the children will love it. With this grill grate, you and your family will get more out of your Morsø Firepit. The grate fits elegantly and securely in the notches, and hey presto, the perfect grill for e.g. sausages and vegetables. The grill grate is made of polished stainless steel, so it will never rust or peel like chromed grates often do.
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Morso Ash and Storage Bucket

When your wood-burning stove, outdoor oven or fireplace needs to be emptied, it is important to store the ash in an airtight container made of non-combustible material. Morsø's Ash Bucket is made of steel and has a tight-fitting lid for safe storage until the embers have entirely died down. And why not recycle the ash? Ash from clean timber makes fine fertiliser for your garden. Wood ash contains a good deal of phosphorus and also has a high content of potassium, which lightens heavy soil and reduces its acidity in the same way as lime. With continuous applications of ash, there is actually no not need for further liming of the soil. To avoid too high a pH value, you should only apply 200-300 g ash per m2. Alternatively, you can dispose of the ash with ordinary refuse. You can also use the ash bucket to store firelighters etc.
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Morso Ash Scraper

If you play with fire, you get burned. However we at Morsø love to play with fire, which is why we asked award-winning, Danish designer Klaus Rath to develop an ash scraper especially for the Morsø Outdoor Oven. It is not only ideal for clearing up, but also particularly suitable for moving round the embers and knocking the embers into smaller pieces, e.g. if you want to grill good steaks. And there's more - the built in blower pipe is also a great help when you need to get the fire going. So now you can play with fire without getting burnt! Design: Klaus Rath Material: Powder coated stainless steel Colour: Black Dimensions in cm (B x H x D): 12,5 cm×0,08 cm×50,5 cm Weight: 0,6 kg
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Morso Cast Iron Insert

The coal insert made of cast iron is included the Grill Forno. Place the charcoal in the grate and light the fire. For direct heat, place the charcoal in the coal insert. For indirect heat, place the charcoal around the insert. The insert is also suitable in Morsø Forno outdoor oven as a base for the Grill grate and Frying Dish.
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Morso Fire Tongs

Some of us just can't stop playing with the fire. Luckily, sometimes it's necessary. You need to move the firewood to get the fire going, or the embers need to be arranged to evenly heat the grill. But it's easy to get burnt if the poker's too short. The award-winning designer Klaus Rath has developed these fire tongs especially for the Morsø Forno – the length is just right to make it easy to move firewood round in the stove. The tongs can of course be used in the Morsø Firepit. With their elegant stainless steel hanger, the tongs are also a beautiful decoration for the outdoor kitchen. Material: Powder coated stainless steel Colour: Black: Dimensions (B X H D): 15 cm×3 cm×52 cm Vægt: 0.5 kg
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Morso Forno Door

If you want to smoke! The stove door converts the Morsø Forno into the perfect smoke oven. The door is of stainless steel, so that it can withstand both the heat and the Nordic rain. The stove door extends the possible uses of the Morsø Forno to slow roasting, baking and smoking. Weight: 1.6 kg
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