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8148 Wood Stove on High Pedestal

The Morsø 8148 pedestal wood stove provides the entire family with a perfect view of the flickering flames behind its convex window. Wood stove with clean lines and practical details Morsø 8148 wood stove is characterized by its clean and simple design. The combination of soft curves and simple details gives the stove a light and timeless appearance that can be enjoyed for many years to come. The pure lines of the stove are further enhanced by the integrated and discreet hinges.
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8150 Wood Stove with Soap Stone

Morsø 8150 has soap stone sides and top. Soap stone is an exclusive and beautiful material with excellent heating properties. The soap stone gives the stove a beautiful expression and stores the heat keeping the stove warm for a long time after the heating. A wood burning stove with soap stone is very suitable for rooms that need a heating source at night. The soap stone top must be ordered separately for rear or top flue exit.
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Cast Iron Grate for Forno

The round cast iron grate that is delivered with Morsø Grill Forno, is also suitable as an accessory to Morsø Forno - outdoor oven. The grill grate is placed on the cast iron insert where tasty steaks can be prepared. A Steel handle can be bought separately to grap on the grill grate with.
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Curva Log Carrier

Morsø, with "Curva" have created an aesthetically beautiful product, that gathers together the stove accessories with clear function and no excess. The Curva Felt Basket is perfect for fire wood storage and its other elements ideal for tending the fire.
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Firewood Box

This is a firewood box with a simple and elegant design that makes storage of extra logs discrete and stylish. The Morsø Firewood Bucket is painted in a non-gloss powder coating, giving the bucket the same surface finish as a Morsø stove and has a small Morsø logo on the side. The Firewood bucket comes with the Morsø Canvas Log Carrier. H x W x L: 39 x 38 x 45 cm.
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Firewood Bucket (40 cm)

Morsø round Fire Wood Buckets are made in a simple design painted with a mat black powder coating, with a small Morsø logo on the side. Dimensions: Height: 32 cm x Ø40 cm.
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