RP Series

The RP-Series - Montigo's new fireplace series for 2014 is innovation, luxury and comfort at its finest.  The RP-Series is a single side power vent dedicated fireplace, compatible with the 300-Series flush exterior, vertical or flush louvered power vent.  Characterized by the large scale linear firebox of the R-Series and the premium options of the P-Series.  Rock or tile can be installed over the firebox frame for a clean minimalist look.

The RP-Series come standard with the following features:

  • Frameless window design
  • Rectangular door with tempered glass 
  • Convertible to top or rear flue vent
  • Integrated door screen
  • HSI ignition 
  • Standard power vent control box
  • Concealed ribbon burner, reflective porcelain panels, accent up-lighting + firestones